Monday, September 10, 2012

Excision: Lincoln's Mistake

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to dissolve the bands.....powerful words. In 1860, Lincoln faced a choice. He could either allow the South to secede in peace, or force the union to stay together at the point of bayonets. Though called a tyrant by his contemporaries, he was no lover of empire. And, though he did eventually sign the emancipation proclamation, he was not merely a militant anti slaver. To be sure, he despised slavery and skewered the Confedrate position in the Lincoln-Douglass the reality reality, the war was about economics....the economics of slavery but the decision Lincoln made was neither to oppress snooty rich white plantation owners or to appease corrupt tarrif imposing future carpet baggers in the north; no, it was to preserve the union.

If a chunk of the country were to break off in a snit every time something didn't go its way, then pretty soon there would be no country left at all, and since at the time the United States was one of the only truly democratic countries on the planet, and many of the vital reforms the UK now enjoys today had not yet been implemented, Lincoln felt it important not only for the United States but the whole world and the precious seeds of liberty that had been planted in the blood of patriots.

It is possible for a conflict to really be about good vs evil, despite the shades of grey in the humans that made up both sides. There were good southerners and there were evil northerners, but there was nothing good about the ideology of plantation owners' insistence that it was ok for one human being to own another. I didn't see any of them, volunteering to be slaves for a while...

So what was Lincoln's error?

Lincoln believed in extending the hand of friendship to the defeated confederacy. He believed the descendants and lackeys of plantationists could be reformed. What a naive idea....but as a good man, who can blame him for hoping such a thing? After all, he didn't have the 150 years of evidence of willful denial of the truth that this noxious culture would continue use to practice, or foree it's toxic spread to most rural areas of the United States. Slavery might be dead, but apologiests for the plantation owners are alive and well.

There is no moral superiority in geography. The north only behaved in an aberrant favor towards the south, but in their tolerance of Jim crow and slaver apologists, became in victory the very thing that they had crushed in military defeat. This willful denial of the truth has reached its zenith in the social singularity of the Reagan Collective; a bundle of self sustaining lies that will shift its groupthink paradigm to attack anything that threatens its dominance, assign the very traits of which it itself is most guilty on all opponents and excuse any tactic or behavior in the name of cultural dominance. Engineered in the bowels of diabolical think tanks owned by the plantationists, this superbug in the ecology of the idea is now resistant to all forms of truth whatsoever.

Shall we descend into the barbarism of civil war once more? I say can no more kill an idea than you can shoot a bacteria with a bazooka. But there is a remedy...any doctor will tell you that a step between a patient and death with a putrescent limb infected with insidious poison is amputation.

Expulsion. Removal. Excision.

To put it in terms that they can understand....Boot the South! If a democracy can add states then it should also be able to expel them with equal measure.

There is no mechanism in the constitution that allows it, however nor is there one that forbids it. By the 10th amendment to the constitution, all powers not measured as belonging to the federal government belong to the states. Technically, no amendment forbids the states from leaving either. Not one. And while I am glad the South lost, from a purely legal stand point, the balance of power was ALWAYS with the states on matters not enumerated in the constitution. I believe in a very widely interpreted commerce clause, but that still has nothing to do with membership. To this day, no written part of the document states that a state may not leave, save the tenth which says that if the document doesn't include a right, it goes to the states.

Emancipate the results of the hidden wishes of the plantationists. Let them practice their anarchist capitalist nihilist utopia. Let the states that lost the civil war cease to revel in victory at the paralysis and status of the rest of the nation. A majority of the other states can and should vote to expel the number that included the former confederacy forthwith and until such time as they admit of their own accord that the ideology of their forefathers was a lie and that there is NO constitutional right to lie. Freedom of speech is not freedom from truth. Freedom from religion is not restraint upon the free exercise thereof.

Let there be a parting of ways. Let the south and the rest of our nation no longer be one.


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  2. Another modest proposal of much the same way that birtherism is not racist and that those who propose the idea are not racists. So, if birtherism is not racist, then this is merely a modest proposal. If birtherism is, in fact, racist.....well the your perception of reality and treason may very.

    I, for one, am tolerant neither of treason nor intolerance.